Eventbrite - Third Annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstrations Women Bike Chicago: Introducing - A Few of Your Panelists

Introducing - A Few of Your Panelists

For our third annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstration, we have lined up some great women who are passionate about cycling, and experts in what they do - because they live what they love.  These women bicycle year-round, for transportation and recreation - for work, with kids, for shopping and visiting friends.  

Join us on April 18 and meet them.  Learn from them and others how you can bike, or bike more, for things you do every day anyway.  

These are must a few of the women presenting at DDD.  Watch for updates and more intros!

How to Visit a Bike Shop with Justyna Frank

Justyna conceived an urban bike shop in the early nineties with her husband Chris. At 21 this year, Rapid Transit Cycleshop is Chicago's oldest transportation-oriented, woman-owned bike shop.

Over the last two decades, Justyna has nurtured countless customers of all ages,  genders and walks of life with the goal of helping riders -- new and experienced -- realize their dreams of independent travel.
--This session will focus on what to expect when you want to buy a bicycle.  What questions should you ask?  What kind of bike should you buy?  And when to walk away if you feel you are not getting your questions answered.  
Biking Style with Cynthia Hudson

Cynthia Hudson has been involved in bicycling and pedestrian advocacy since 2006 in a variety of safety and encouragement roles.  Cynthia first began her advocacy as one of Mayor Daley’s Junior Bicycling Ambassadors teaching bicycle safety to thousands of people around the city.  Cynthia has also worked to organize predominantly African American communities around Open Streets. 
In her current role as Community Liaison at the Active Transportation Alliance, Cynthia is responsible for promoting walking, biking and public transit on the West and Southside of Chicago, building relationships with local officials and city representatives, and implementing Active Transportation community plans.
--In the Style session, we'll discuss how you can ride in your regular street clothes.  What do you do about your hair and a helmet?  What about sweat?  Can I wear a skirt? And more!  Learn tips on how to arrive as put-together as when you left.
Practical Biking with Nancy Easton

Nancy has been riding her bike for transportation since elementary school and currently rides several days a week from her home on the north side to her job as a clinical psychologist downtown. She has been a year-round biker for the past six years, after being inspired by a trip to Antwerp, Belgium. 
Nancy has never owned a car throughout 28 years of living in Chicago, and has learned lots of tips for combining biking or Divvy with public transport options to make getting around town easy, safe, and fun!
 --Learn how to do all the things on a bike you would have done in a car.  Errands, commuting to work, going to dinner with friends.  How to mix biking and public transit - when can you take your bike on a train?  What about Divvy?  

Sign up to attend these sessions, and MORE at  http:\\wbc-ddd-2015.eventbrite.com

Want to attend sessions and also help out?  Volunteer with us  - send an e-mail to  volunteer @ womenbikechicago.org


  1. Thank you so much for this article! I am new to the biking community, and this post has given me much more consolidated insight than any other resource I've found.