Eventbrite - Third Annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstrations Women Bike Chicago: Slow Roll Chicago--Ride your Bike; Meet New People; Learn about Chicago; Build Community

Slow Roll Chicago--Ride your Bike; Meet New People; Learn about Chicago; Build Community

Maybe you read about Slow Roll in Streetsblog?  Or perhaps you have heard some chatter on the street.  Slow Roll is about people on bikes--families, young, old, black, white, Latino.  Everyone is welcome.  The rides are slow, and they are friendly.  The Slow Roll folks are just the kind of people Women Bike Chicago loves.  Rather than try to explain it, let the founders of Slow Roll talk about the last ride of this season:

Why We Ride...
Slow Roll Chicago is partnering with the Chicago Police Department’s 11th District CAPS Community Policing Office to bring the City of Chicago a family- and youth-focused ride in honor of peace on Chicago streets, utilizing the activity of bicycling to reduce violence on the Westside of Chicago and throughout the City. This ride promises to be an incredibly energetic ride as we celebrate youth achievement and mark the end of Slow Roll Chicago’s 2014 inaugural launch season.

Slow Roll Chicago's final community bicycle ride of 2014 takes us on a gorgeously picturesque route from the Westside of Chicago to Northerly Island and back again. We roll slow through the Lawndale, East Garfield Park, West Town, South Loop, and University Village neighborhoods. We roll slow pass many beautiful sites such as the United Center, UIC Campus, Medical District, Little Italy, and the Museum Campus. We stop at the wonderful Northerly Island to soak up a grand natural landscape within the urban megalopolis that is the City of Chicago. The ride will return to the CPD 11th District for a youth recognition event and a celebratory pizza party.

Slow Roll Chicago rides on the Westside to inspire youth to dream big and work hard. We ride to utilize the activity of bicycling as a tool to strengthen neighborhoods, connect neighbors, and transform communities. This bicycle ride is an important step towards improving the relationship between the Chicago Police Department and the community. It will be a tremendous effort in creating a relationship between the community and CPD that is built on trust and familiarity, where there is an active collaborative effort focused on making our neighborhoods safer and more liveable. This ride will continue the important and ongoing work to connect with young people and share experiences that open their eyes to their inherent potential to achieve greatness in Chicago and around the world. Slow Roll Chicago rides on the Westside of Chicago to create a deeply transformative experience for the young people who ride and everyone involved.
Mission & Vision: 
Slow Roll Chicago is a community-based organization utilizing the activity of bicycling to connect a diverse group of people and improve the condition of communities by organizing community bicycle rides and other bicycling-related programs throughout the greater Chicago area. Slow Roll Chicago works to achieve equity in bicycle access, bicycle usage, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle safety, bicycle culture, and other bicycle-related resources in Chicago with particular focus on communities on the Southside and Westside, making our communities healthier, more empowered, more economically viable, more socially cohesive, more bikeable, and ultimately more liveable.

So even though the forecast for Saturday is on the chilly side, put on your layers and join in the season finale ride.

The details:

Slow Roll Chicago presents...
A Community Bicycle Ride for
Peace on Chicago Streets

In partnership with Chicago Police Department's
11th District CAPS Community Policing Office

Saturday, November 15, 2014
11AM Meet & Greet + Refreshments
12PM Ride

Starting Point & End Point:
Chicago Police Department
11th District CAPS Office
3151 W. Harrison St.

Mid Point:
Museum Campus & Northerly Island

Light refreshments at the beginning of the ride.
Pizza party & youth recognition event at the end of the ride.
Donation suggested.

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