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Second Annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstration -- easy as riding a bike

As I write this, it is snowing once again and the forecast is for five to eight inches more of the stuff.  Sigh!

But--it will melt eventually, the sun will come out, the temperatures will rise, and it will be a gorgeous day to ride a bike.   Like this:

Looks like so much fun, doesn't it?

So, ladies, whether you are thinking that you want to ride a bike again after many years of not riding, or you ride a little but you want to ride more, ride for different reasons, ride with different people, come to the Day of Dialogue and Demonstration on April 12, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Dvorak Park in Chicago.

This day is by women, for women.   Women who commute to work , women who ride with their children, women who ride in their neighborhoods, women who ride on bike paths, women who own bike shops, women who race bikes, women who use their bikes to run errands, women of every shape and size--all will be there to help you become comfortable riding a bike for whatever reason you want to ride a bike.  Need to know how to dress to ride your bike to work without having to carry your wardrobe on the bike? We can help! Want to learn about riding on the street?  We can help!  Looking for safe routes? We can help! Looking for bike paths and trails? We can help!  Looking for another woman to ride with?  We can help!

There will be bikes there owned by women who ride them all of the time--hybrid bikes, bikes with skinny tires, bikes with those curved handlebars, bikes that let you sit up while you ride, step-through bikes, cargo bikes. The bikes will be there for you ride outside in the park.  Women bike shop owners will be there to tell you how to go to a bike shop and get the bike YOU want--not the bike the young salesperson thinks everyone should have.  You can get tips about how to get a bike that fits you whether you are looking for a new bike or a used bike.  You can get some basic information about simple things you can do to maintain your bike or even learn to change a flat tire.

Maybe best of all, spend the day with other women who ride.

Go to our registration page to sign up and for time and location details.  Women Bike Chicago is looking forward to meeting you.

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