Eventbrite - Third Annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstrations Women Bike Chicago: Cherry blossom ride

Cherry blossom ride

On the subject of staying in touch, I'd like to propose a casual social ride for this Sunday, 4/14.  We'll meet at 31st St. beach house at 10:00 a.m. for a ride of approx. 15 miles to visit Osaka Garden in Jackson Park. After this week's rain and warmer weather, I'm hoping that we'll get to see cherry blossoms.

Osaka Garden
Bikes aren't allowed in the garden, so it's a good idea to bring a lock.  There's a bike rack right outside. 

There are plenty of lunch options in Hyde Park if you want to stop for a bite after visiting the garden.  If you want to get lunch, make sure you bring lock(s)/cable to secure your bike.

If you need transit info to get to the start, click here for CTA map, get CTA route/schedule info here (red line or green line to 35th St., or one of several buses - NOT Lake Shore Dr. express routes) or here for Metra (Rock Island to 35th St.).  If you take Metra, don't forget to bring a bungee cord to secure your bike on board the train.  (18-24" will work.)

Got questions? Give me a call.  312-520-1641

    -- Anne Alt


  1. Sounds like a lovely idea. i'm in.

  2. Thanks to Carrie, Susan and Sue for joining me on today's ride. It turned into a lovely day in spite of a less-than-promising start. Glad I could introduce you to a few new places on the south side.

    - Anne