Eventbrite - Third Annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstrations Women Bike Chicago: September 2013

Presentation on bike commuting and bikes on transit Wed. 10/2

Are you looking to use your bicycle for more than just recreation? Then come to a presentation this Wednesday 10/2 at Women & Children First book store, 5233 N. Clark St. at 7:30 p.m.

Learn how to commute on your bike: We'll show you what to wear, how to carry things, and what to do about the weather. We'll even go over getting your bike on a bus or train to shorten the ride. Anne Alt, a lifelong cyclist and longtime bike commuter, grew up riding in several neighborhoods and nearby suburbs of Chicago. A member of Chicago Cycling Club and volunteer with Active Transportation Alliance, she has ridden thousands of miles on Chicago streets and learned the ins and outs of taking her bike on all our local transit systems. Women Bike Chicago is a grass-roots organization founded in 2012 made up of women who love to bicycle and to encourage other women to bicycle. Refreshments will be served. 

How to design a city for women

The Atlantic Cities published an interesting blog piece examining how a study from Vienna, Austria revealed differences in how men and women use transit, and how that influenced policy and design to create equal access for women. 

If a similar study were done here, what kind of changes would you like to make transit and streets safer and more accessible for you?