Eventbrite - Third Annual Day of Dialogue and Demonstrations Women Bike Chicago: March 2013

How can we stay connected?

Many of the women who participated in the First Annual Women Bike Chicago event expressed an interest in staying in touch with new-found cycling friends and also in making new connections.  Cycling together--whether it be to work, to run errands, with the kids, or just for fun--helps expand our horizons in many ways.  It can feel safer to be with someone else, especially on the streets.  Having encouragement from a sister cyclist might make one pedal the extra mile or two.  Another cyclist might know routes you might not have even thought of.

So I ask:  How can we stay connected and make new connections?  Will you share your thoughts in the comments here as a start?

See you on the streets, on the paths, and on the trails!

a few memories from today

I just wanted to share some photos from today's event.

    - Anne Alt

Who else has photos to share?

A big THANK YOU!!!

Our planning team would like to extend a big THANK YOU - actually  three thank yous.

The first is to all our attendees today.  We really enjoyed talking with all of you, hearing your stories, taking so many good questions and getting some excellent suggestions.

The second is to all our fine volunteers.  The event wouldn't have been nearly as good without the time and energy and superb team effort that you all put into it.

And last but not least, thank you to our partners and sponsors - all listed on the right.  Your contributions helped make our event possible.

Visiting Simone's afterwards was a great way to relax.  Now we can all put our feet up - at least for a little while - until we start planning for the next event.

Come back soon.  We'll have pictures to share.  If you took pictures and would like to share them on this blog, please send email with a link (if they're on Flickr or another online photo sharing site) or send photos (if the photo files aren't too huge) and we'll post them here, with your photo credit, of course.

See you today!

We're looking forward to seeing you all today - attendees and volunteers.  If you're not pre-registered, please be aware that our indoor space is limited.

We'll have outdoor activities, too.  Feel free to check those out if indoor space if full.  Thank you!

Women Bike Chicago Schedule

Looking forward to seeing everyone!  Here's our schedule of presentations.

9:00 a.m to 9:30 a.m.  Check-in and meet and greet

9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  Opening presentation

10:15 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Family Biking OR
                 Commuting by bike and bikes on transit
                 (same time slot, different rooms)

11:15 a.m. to 12:00 noon  How to get the most out of your bike shop visit OR
                 Biking safety, comfort, and style
                 (same time slot, different rooms)

12:15 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Community building by bicycling
                 Connect with other cyclists
                 Prize drawing

OUTSIDE all morning:
Bike repair basics                                         Traffic safety skills
Alta Bike Share                                            Bike corral--try out different bikes

Many of our partners have donated gifts.  There will be a drawing to give them away.
You must be present to win.

Join us afterward at Simone's at 18th and Morgan for more talk about cycling and to connect with more women who bike.


P. S.  This is a free event, but if you can afford to make a donation the funds will be used to cover the expenses of putting it on.

Getting To The Event

By Bus

  • We suggest taking the number #60 Blue Island, stopping at Harrison+Halsted or 900 W Harrison
  • or the #8 Halsted, stopping at UIC campus at Halsted+Polk
  • NOTE: The #7 Harrison bus does NOT run on Saturdays.

By "L"

  • Take the Blue Line, exit at UIC-Halsted, and head south

On Foot

  • Enter the UIC campus and head to the African-American Cultural Center, Addams Hall - see the above map
By Bike

        Enter the UIC campus from Harrison, Halsted or Taylor and head to the African-American Cultural Center, Addams Hall - see the above map.  There's bike parking available near the entrance to Addams Hall.

By Car

  • Parking is available on street or at the parking garage on Halsted and Polk

Where Would You Go On A Bike?

On a family picnic?

Take your kids to school?

Out with friends?

Grocery shopping?

Tell us where you'd like to go, or add your photos of yourself in your favorite and practical places you would like to ride to.  We can help get you there!

Sign up at https://wbikechi2013.eventbrite.com/# - space is limited

What's in it for me?

Hey, Women of Chicagoland,
  • Are you interested in getting around the city in a safe, convenient and FUN way?
  • Do you watch your friends and co-workers on a bicycle and think you can't do it?
  • Are you wondering how to get your kids to school without having to wait in the loooong drop off lanes?
  • Do you want to save money, get fit, and do errands the easiest way possible?
  • Have you been told that bicycles are only for racers?
  • Do you think you're too old to learn to ride a bike?
Join other women who want to learn how to travel by bike, in sessions led by women who ride bicycles.   Sessions like:  *How to ride with children.  *How to buy a bike - don't let the bike shop scare you!  *How to commute to work and look good when you get there.  *How to plan a safe route.

Do errands!
Visit friends!
Save money!
Be safe!
Have fun!

All this is possible - Learn how at the first annual Women Bike Chicago event on March 23, at UIC.

Sign up at https://wbikechi2013.eventbrite.com/# - space is limited!

PASS IT ON - Pass this link on to your friends who tell you they wish they could ride too.